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Sweet home! The best in the world is home。22、人只要不失去方向,就不会失去自己。As long as people do not lose their direction, they will not lose themselves。23、要纠正别人之前,先反省自己有没有犯错。To correct others, to reflect on their own mistakes。24、学做任何事得按部就班,急不得。Learn to do anything must follow the prescribed order, not urgent。25、生活中若没有朋友,就像生活中没有阳光一样。If there is no friend in life, just like life without sunshine。26、思想如钻子,必须集中在一点钻下去才有力量。Ideas such as drill, we must focus on the forces that can be drilled。27、美好的生命应该充满期待、惊喜和感激。Beautiful life should be full of expectation, surprise and gratitude。28、抱最大的希望,为最大的努力,做最坏的打算。Hold the greatest hope, for the greatest endeavor, make the worst plan。29、觉得自己做的到和不做的到,其实只在一念之间。Feel that they do and not to do, in fact, just at the moment。30、愚者用肉体监视心灵,智者用心灵监视肉体。Fool soul with physical surveillance, physical surveillance wise heart。31、你不能左右天气,但你能转变你的心情。You cant change the weather, but you can change your mood。32、人总是珍惜未得到的,而遗忘了所拥有的。People always treasure the ones that havent been obtained, but forget what they have。33、不如意的时候不要尽往悲伤里钻,想想有笑声的日子吧。Dont try to get into the sadness when you dont go。34、第一个青春是上帝给的;第二个的青春是靠自己努力的。The first youth is given by God; the second youth is on their own efforts。35、天才是百分之一的灵感加上百分之九十九的努力。Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent effort。36、少一点预设的期待,那份对人的关怀会更自在。Less of a default, it would be more comfortable for the care of people。37、明天是世上增值最快的一块土地,因它充满了希望。Tomorrow is the world s fastest - added piece of land, because it is full of hope。38、问候不一定要慎重其事,但一定要真诚感人。Greetings do not necessarily have to be very careful, but must be sincere。39、如你想要拥有完美无暇的友谊,可能一辈子找不到朋友。If you want to have the perfect friendship, you may never find a friend in a lifetime。40、真正的爱,应该超越生命的长度、心灵的宽度、灵魂的深度。True love, should surmount the length of life, the width of the soul, the depth of the soul。41、得意时应善待他人,因为你失意时会需要他们。Treat others kindly when you are satisfied, because you will need them when you are frustrated。42、所有的失败,与失去自己的失败比起来,更是微不足道。All the failures, and the loss of their own failure than the rise, it is insignificant。43、要克服生活的焦虑和沮丧,得先学会做自己的主人。To overcome the anxiety and frustration of life, you have to learn to be your own master。44、生活若剥去理想、梦想、幻想,那生命便只是一堆空架子。If stripped of the ideal life, dreams, fantasy, that life is only a pile of shell。45、所有的胜利,与征服自己的胜利比起来,都是微不足道。All the victories, and the conquest of their victory over, are insignificant。46、你可以用爱得到全世界,你也可以用恨失去全世界。You can get the whole world with love, you can also use hate to lose the whole world。47、有勇气并不表示恐惧不存在,而是敢面对恐惧、克服恐惧。Courage does not mean that fear does not exist, but to face the fear, to overcome the fear。48、上帝从不埋怨人们的愚昧,人们却埋怨上帝的不公平。God has never complained about peoples ignorance, people have complained that God is not fair。49、乐观者在灾祸中看到机会;悲观者在机会中看到灾祸。The optimist sees opportunity in the disaster; the pessimist sees the disaster in the opportunity。50、获致幸福的不二法门是珍视你所拥有的、遗忘你所没有的。The only proper course to take to gain happiness is to cherish what you have got and forget what you havent。51、爱的力量大到可以使人忘记一切,却又小到连一粒嫉妒的沙石也不能容纳。The power of love can make people forget everything, but even a small grain of envy also cant accommodate。52、当一个人真正觉悟的一刻,他放弃追寻外在世界的财富,而开始追寻他内心世界的真正财富。When a man really realized the moment, he gave up the pursuit of the outer world of wealth, and began to pursue his inner world of real wealth。名言励志英语上一篇:励志的英文名言警句下一篇:短的英语名言警句相关文章英语学习名言大全(151)人喜欢 2021-02-03对照名言警句(151)人喜欢 2021-02-03英语励志名言短句(199)人喜欢 2021-02-03一些英语名言警句(177)人喜欢 2021-02-03爱情名言英语(198)人喜欢 2021-02-03关于细节的英语名言警句(166)人喜欢 2021-02-02精品推荐2021献给你要感恩的人在走心文案 感恩节最经典的走心文案发布时间:2021-02-03与脾气有关的名言警句发布时间:2021-02-03~慢慢的。自己变孤单了%发布时间:2021-02-03时刻提醒自己的八句话发布时间:2021-02-03高中励志演讲稿范文(精选5篇)发布时间:2021-02-03热门标签你要文案的人名言警句脾气慢慢孤单提醒句话自己的高中励志演讲稿读书作者古诗词名句英语学习大全面条我在搞笑一个月恋爱纪念日成功拉住但我都会点击排行经典语录:这世界多的是南辕北辙,少的是殊途同归余生还长,何必慌张。爸爸妈妈生日的文案 父母生日可以发的小句子简短小清新女生个性签名 愿你如阳光明媚不忧伤有关成功的作文道路前面还是道路下雨天悲伤文案 下雨了伤感心情短语碎碎语,经典的伤感语人间是值得的,去尝试爱这个世界吧励志诗歌朗诵稿美词佳句人生与酒的唯美句子1、清晨的粥比深夜的酒好喝,骗你的人比爱你的人会说,所以不要用耳...请记住,我爱你,我需要你。我爱你,心中炙热,简单明了。当我需要精神救赎你又在哪。我爱你的...现实戳心的励志说说:好好活下去,每天都会有新的打击1、以我的资历,以我的文凭,将来这个城市的大街都归我扫。 2、等你以后...黄颇黄颇(?~?),字无颇。江西宜春人。唐武宗会昌三年(843)癸亥科...世界虽然残酷,但只要你愿意走我们必须有恒心,尤其要有自信!我们必须相信我们的天赋是要用来做某...爱情无奈的句子爱情无奈的句子 1、我像一个傻子般的活着。却不知道还有白痴嘲笑着我...寒假趣事——放鞭炮今天是大年三十,是家家团圆的除夕。除夕夜里,我们一家人来到阳台...读书的名言大全1、为中华之崛起而读书。周恩来 2、读书贵神解,无事守章句。徐洪钧...鱼迷老爸我有一个帅气的老爸,他是个鱼迷。 所谓鱼迷,就是很喜欢鱼。爸爸在...烦恼从小学到初中父母时常在我们身边,我们的一切都在他们的“监视”下...友情链接:经典语录个性说说人生励志个性签名爆笑段子好词好句诗词歌赋作文范文学习智库秘闻杂谈情感说说心情说说伤感说说qq说说搞笑说说爱情说说经典说说励志语录情感语录伤感语录爱情语录人生语录名言警句励志名言读书名言英语名言人生格言励志格言励志故事励志说说励志作文人生感悟励志书籍励志诗歌励志签名QQ签名微信签名伤感签名非主流签名霸气签名搞笑签名女生签名男生签名唯美句子伤感句子励志的句子爱情的句子哲理句子经典句子正能量的句子诗词名句现代诗古诗词文言文诗人英文诗歌青春诗歌小学作文初中作文高中作文满分作文英语作文话题作文读后感查看更多$(function(){var liEle = $(.flinks-boxli);for(var i=32;i

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