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Nothing bothers them more than that.7、哪怕是再平常的事,只要你把它隐藏起来,就显得饶有趣味。Even the most common thing, as long as you hide it, it will be interesting.8、我喜欢自言自语,因为这样节约时间,而且不会有人跟我争论。I like to talk to myself because it saves time and nobody will argue with me.9、逢场作戏和终身不渝之间的区别只在于逢场作戏稍微长一些。The only difference between acting on occasion and being consistent throughout life is that acting on occasion is slightly longer.10、感情的长处在于会使我们迷失方向,而科学的长处就在于它是不动感情的。The strength of emotion is that it can make us lose our direction, while the strength of science is that it is not emotional.11、我们教给人们如何记忆,却从来不教他们如何成长。We teach people how to remember, but never how to grow.12、坦率地说出自己的心里话不仅是一种道德上的责任,而且还是一种令人快慰的事。It is not only a moral duty, but also a pleasure to speak frankly.13、我敬佩简单的快乐,那是复杂的最后避难所。I admire simple happiness, which is the complex last refuge.14、她平时总与某个人相爱,但她的热情从来得不到回报,所以一直保留着全部的幻想。She always falls in love with someone, but her enthusiasm is never rewarded, so she keeps all her fantasies.15、纵使你的罪孽殷红似血,我也能使之洁白如雪。Even if your sins are as red as blood, I can make them as white as snow.16、我设想所有迷人的人都是被溺爱的,这是他们吸引力的秘密。I imagine that all charming people are spoiled. Thats the secret of their attraction.17、结婚是想象战胜了理智,再婚是希望战胜了经验。Marriage is the triumph of imagination over reason, and remarriage is the triumph of hope over experience.18、你一旦为自己找到一个错误的借口,你不久就会再为自己找到一百个借口。Once you find a wrong excuse for yourself, you will soon find another hundred excuses for yourself.19、我认为所有漂亮的人都是被宠坏了,而这就是他们能够吸引他人的秘密所在。I think all beautiful people are spoiled, and thats the secret of attracting others.20、年轻的时候我以为钱就是一切,现在老了才知道,确实如此。When I was young, I thought money was everything. Now I know when I am old, thats true.21、很多东西如果不是怕别人捡去,我们一定会扔掉。Many things will be thrown away if they are not afraid of being picked up by others.22、生活并不复杂,复杂的是我们人自己。生活是单纯的,单纯的才是正确的。Life is not complicated. Its about ourselves. Life is simple, simple is right.23、对于毫无关系的人,不可能经常带有好意。It is impossible to be always kind to people who have nothing to do with them.24、一种想法是否有价值,同谈出这个想法的人是否出于真心毫无关系。Whether an idea is valuable or not has nothing to do with whether the person who talks about it is genuine or not.25、女人倘若不能使她的过错显得十分可爱,那她就仅仅是个女人而已。A woman is only a woman if she cant make her fault look very lovely.26、邪恶是善良的人们编造的谎言,用来解释其他人的特殊魅力。Evil is a lie made up by good people to explain the special charm of others.27、美是一种天赋,实际上,美超过了天赋,因为它不需要解释。Beauty is a gift. In fact, beauty is more than a gift because it needs no explanation.28、诗是强烈感情的自然迸发,其源泉是静静的回想的感动。Poetry is a natural burst of strong feelings, whose source is the moving of quiet memories.29、孩子最初爱他们父母,等大一些他们评判父母;然后有些时候,他们原谅父母。Children first love their parents and wait for them to judge them; then sometimes they forgive their parents.30、世界上只有一件事比被人议论还要糟糕,那就是不被议论。There is only one thing worse than being talked about in the world, that is, not being talked about.31、只有两种人最具有吸引力,一种是无所不知的人,一种是一无所知的人。There are only two kinds of people who are most attractive. One is the omniscient, the other is the ignorant.32、我早应该摆脱你,我应该像人们掸掉衣服上的刺那样把你从我的生活中清扫出去。I should have gotten rid of you. I should have cleaned you out of my life like people brush the thorns off their clothes.33、任何地方只要你爱它,它就是你的世界。Wherever you love it, its your world.34、痛苦是永久的、模糊的、黑暗的并且还具有永恒的品性。Pain is permanent, vague, dark and has an eternal character.35、人真正的完美不在于他拥有什么,而在于他是什么。The real perfection of a man lies not in what he has, but in what he is.36、女人们好以攻为守,就像她们突然间莫名其妙地投降,目的是为了进攻。Women are good at defending by attacking, just as they suddenly surrender in an inexplicable way, in order to attack.37、良心和胆怯其实是一回事,良心不过是胆怯的商号名称罢了。Conscience and cowardice are the same thing. Conscience is just the name of a cowardly business.38、我们内心的恶魔,把这座城市变成了地狱。Our inner demons have turned this city into hell.39、只有感官才能解救灵魂,正如只有灵魂才能解救感官。Only the senses can save the soul, just as only the soul can save the senses.40、我们都生活在阴沟里,但其中依然有人在仰望星空。We all live in the gutter, but some of us are still looking up at the stars.41、我不愿意暴露我的灵魂让那些好奇的凡夫俗子瞧个没完。I dont want to expose my soul to those curious ordinary people.42、最普通的事儿,一经掩盖便显得很有趣味。The most common thing, once covered up, is very interesting.43、忠贞不贰的人只知道爱的小零小碎,而见异思迁者才懂得爱的大悲大痛。The faithful know only the little bits and pieces of love, but the stranger knows the great sorrow of love.44、公众惊人地宽容。他们可以原谅一切,除了天才。The public is amazingly tolerant. They can forgive everything except genius.45、一个愤世嫉俗的人知道所有东西的价格,却不知道任何东西的价值。A cynic knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.46、生活是世上最罕见的事情,大多数人只是存在,仅此而已。Life is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist, thats all.47、自私不是一个人按照他自己的意愿生活,而是要求别人按照他的意愿生活。Selfishness is not about living according to ones own will, but about asking others to live according to ones own will.48、不要垂头丧气,即使失去一切,明天仍在你的手里。Dont let your head down, even if you lose everything, tomorrow is still in your hands.49、任何地方,只要你爱它,它就是你的世界。Wherever you love it, its your world.50、我喜欢人胜于原则,而我喜欢没有原则的人更胜于这世界上的任何东西。I like people better than principles, and I like people without principles better than anything in the world.51、我给你们讲述的是所有你们没勇气去犯的罪孽。Im telling you about all the crimes you didnt have the courage to commit.52、恭维不会使女人飘然,却往往使男人丧志。Compliments dont make women float, but they often make men lose heart.53、世上只有一件事比被人议论更糟糕了,那就是没有人议论你。There is only one thing worse than being talked about in the world, that is, nobody talks about you.54、每个圣人都有不可告人的过去,每个罪人都有洁白无瑕的未来。Every saint has an unspeakable past, and every sinner has a flawless future.55、时尚通常是丑陋的一种形式,以至于人们忍无可忍地每六个月便要把它修改一下。Fashion is usually an ugly form, so that people cant bear to change it every six months.英文王尔德奥斯卡上一篇:励志名言英语短句下一篇:奥黛丽赫本的名言双语相关文章关于孝顺的英语名言(58)人喜欢 2020-10-31关于人际关系的名言英语(86)人喜欢 2020-10-31关于诚实的名言英语(125)人喜欢 2020-10-30关于诚实的英语名言名句(164)人喜欢 2020-10-30关于创新的英语名言(55)人喜欢 2020-10-30关于创造力的英语名人名言(67)人喜欢 2020-10-30精品推荐正能量的句子经典早安发布时间:2020-10-31如何培养创新思维发布时间:2020-10-31雁群飞发布时间:2020-10-31背影发布时间:2020-10-31不喜欢我你就去死啊。发布时间:2020-10-31热门标签能量早安句子创新思维培养雁群背影我你不喜欢就去语录经典搞笑小学毕业喉咙海陆空激战励志校园和谐同桌读后感王子伤感经典语录句话珍惜高一作文我有一个点击排行经典语录:这世界多的是南辕北辙,少的是殊途同归余生还长,何必慌张。爸爸妈妈生日的文案 父母生日可以发的小句子简短小清新女生个性签名 愿你如阳光明媚不忧伤有关成功的作文道路前面还是道路下雨天悲伤文案 下雨了伤感心情短语碎碎语,经典的伤感语人间是值得的,去尝试爱这个世界吧励志诗歌朗诵稿美词佳句追女孩子的空间说说一、天不老,情难绝,心似双丝网,中有千千结;世不灭,意难却,心...男生经典微信签名简单气质2018 半壁江山不及你微微一笑导读:一个人的旅行其实比两个人更有意思,一个人的感悟更多,心境...2020九月你好心情说说 九月第一天发朋友圈说说励志1.给八月一个温柔的拥抱 给九月一个坚定的眼神。 2.九月来了,万事都...心彻底碎了的说说1.给你们讲一个笑话,昨天我去她空间忘记删记录了,然后就再也进不...大脚马皇后被朱元璋调侃,皇后十一个字说得朱元璋无地自容!大脚马皇后被朱元璋调侃,皇后十一个字说得朱元璋无地自容!感兴趣的...沉醉于书籍的世界里沉醉于书籍的世界里 书籍是人类进步的阶梯,要想攀登地更高更远,就...关于励志的名言警句1、知识象烛光,能照亮一个人,也能照亮无数人。 2、明天是世上增值...上元夜上元佳节春意闹,元宵灯会戏婵娟。 彩灯高挂金猴送福,二龙戏珠五子...关于教育励志名言关于教育励志名言 1、要永远觉得祖国的土地是稳固地在你脚下,要与集...神奇脑洞搞笑签名我真的特别想对物理老师说,我数学也一样没有学好 我不说话,只是为...友情链接:经典语录个性说说人生励志个性签名爆笑段子好词好句诗词歌赋作文范文学习智库秘闻杂谈情感说说心情说说伤感说说qq说说搞笑说说爱情说说经典说说励志语录情感语录伤感语录爱情语录人生语录名言警句励志名言读书名言英语名言人生格言励志格言励志故事励志说说励志作文人生感悟励志书籍励志诗歌励志签名QQ签名微信签名伤感签名非主流签名霸气签名搞笑签名女生签名男生签名唯美句子伤感句子励志的句子爱情的句子哲理句子经典句子正能量的句子诗词名句现代诗古诗词文言文诗人英文诗歌青春诗歌小学作文初中作文高中作文满分作文英语作文话题作文读后感查看更多$(function(){var liEle = $(.flinks-boxli);for(var i=32;i

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